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Monthly Dues are just $297 and are completely offset by your Sponsors.
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Your card will be charged $297 per month and you will be billed month-to-month. You can cancel anytime and there is no contract. Meanwhile your 3 Event Sponsors each pay you $300 ($900 total each quarter), so this completely offsets your monthly dues.
You will also earn $1782/mo in recurring income from your Local Area Preferred Vendor Directory. 

Each of Your 18 Preferred Vendors pay you $99 per month to be part of the Preferred Vendor Directory which is distributed to local agents. 
You keep 100% of this revenue.
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  • If you are looking to effortlessly generate more business and more notoriety than ever before, this opportunity is for you.
  • We will be promoting your chapter nationally so you will generate even more notoriety!
  • Be Personally Coached by Knolly Williams through the TAS Group Coaching Program! This is a $1000-$1500 per month VALUE!
  • The more prominent you become in your local community, the more access you have to the best opportunities. Doors will open!
  • $21,384 PER YEAR in SPONSOR REVENUE. You earn $1782/mo in recurring income ($99/mo per vendor) from the 18 vendor participants in your Preferred Vendor Directory.
  • GENERATE LEADS! $10,000 - $15,000/yr in REFERRALS. Get Exclusive Buyer and Seller referrals from the other chapter presidents in other cities. 2-3 buyer or seller referrals per year at $5,000 each would yield $10,000 to $15,000 per year. 
  • Imagine earning an additional $40,000-$60,000 Deals a Year from your Celebrity Status! By promoting yourself as the local Chapter President, your clients and prospects will gain more confidence in you which will result in MORE DEALS! 6-10 Deals can result in $40,000 - $60,000 or more per year in Annual Income.
  • The low monthly dues of just $297 are paid by your event sponsors. Each hosted event will have 3 sponsors (a lender, title, inspector and/or home warranty)
  • Each sponsor will pay just $300 and they each get 5 minutes to speak at the front of the room. 
  • You collect $900 per quarterly event which completely offsets your monthly dues.
  • As soon as you Sign Up, you will gain access to Knolly's Complete Onboard Training in our Members Login Portal
  • You'll learn Knolly's step-by-step, plug-n-play system for hosting a successful must attend event
  • You'll have a daily telephone support hotline to call with any questions 
  • You'll be personally coached by Knolly and the other hosts on our monthly group training call and through the Secret Facebook Group
More Details & FAQs
Top Agent Skills
Top Agent Skills is an organization dedicated to providing LOW to NO COST training to local real estate agents, with Chapters rolling out in major cities throughout North America, Canada and the world.

Quarterly Mastermind Event
The quarterly Mastermind Event is the heart of TAS. Each quarterly event features a panel of 3-4 top producing local agents who share their wisdom. These agents are interviewed by you and we provide you with the questions.

How much are the monthly dues?
TAS is akin to a local franchise and we market the "franchise" and YOU nationally. The monthly dues are $297 per month, drafted monthly from your credit card. Meanwhile you are paid $300 per event from your 3 sponsors ($900) so your dues are paid for by your local sponsors.

How much will I earn?
As the President of your chapter of TAS, you can earn $1782 per month once your local sponsors are in place. The sponsors pay just $99 per month to be included on the Preferred Vendor Directory.

You will also earn additional revenues from the increased recognition AND agent referrals.

What is my time commitment?
You'll be hosting just 4 events per year. Each event is two hours long. So that's 8 hours per year of your time hosting the events. And of course at the beginning, you'll need to spend some time finding the 3 or 4 agents to interview, getting the venue, etc - but all of that is super easy! We provide all the direction and training

We at TAS International will guide you every step of the way.

Imagine just spending a few hours a year to become one of the most influential agents in your area! That's marketing time well invested!

If you are interested, you need to sign up TODAY – while space is still available! 

Why TAS?
TAS was birthed out of Knolly's desire and passion to provide every real estate agent with top quality training that is relevant to their local area. With TAS, agents are learning from other local agents who are CRUSHING IT, so they know that what they are learning can and will work in their local market. Knolly believes that the best formula for real estate agents to succeed is to learn what other successful agents are doing and then incorporate those "best-practices" into their own business.

The Quarterly Mastermind
Each quarter your local chapter of Top Agent Skills will hold a mastermind. Your job is simply to host the event. We provide you with a step-by-step event guide so that it's a complete breeze. Your Quarterly Event is 2 Hours.

So How Much Will the Event Cost Agents to Attend?
We want to keep the event either FREE at a nominal cost of just $10-$20. We will use our Corporate Eventbrite Account (or a similar ticketing system) for all ticketing and we will even split any ticket revenues with you 50/50! That's even more revenue for you!

Full Back End Support
A master at conducting live events, Knolly will personally coach each of our hosts on our monthly one hour group training call. You will also have the support of our staff members Noemi and Chris for any questions you have. We will hold your hand! It's super easy!

Agents want to know what the top producers in their area are doing so your meetups will grow in popularity simply by inviting top agents to be interviewed. You will be rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest agents in your market and the other agents will come flocking to your meetups to learn what the best are doing. Your name should be prominently featured on the marque of each meetup, for example: "Kim Jones presents... Spring 2018 Top Agent Skills with special guests.."

Money Back Guarantee
We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Give TAS a test drive and if you don't feel TAS is right for you, you can cancel your membership at any time within 30 days. After that it's month-to-month. No contract!

Cancel Anytime
Once you initially setup your chapter, your monthly time commitment is nominal. However if at any time you feel that this opportunity is not a good fit for you just let us know and we will cancel your agreement with a 30 Day Written Notice.

Can a lender or someone who is not an agent become a TAS Host?
Absolutely! Actually TAS Hosting is very well suited to any trade vendors who want to have influence on local agents! 

How many people will you have in each area?
The areas are on a first come first served. We only want a few (or just one) in each area, depending on how large the area is and if it can be broken up by north/south etc.

How do we get the vendor service directory out to local agents?
I've been using a preferred in the directory system in my real estate practice for many years. There really are a whole bunch of ways to get the preferred vendor directories out, especially with such a small run as 500 copies. My vision is that the franchise would create the quarterly mastermind flyer and print the vendor directory on the back of it. That way the flyer is promoting the event and the vendor directory is on the back :-).

Another thing to do is hire a trustworthy local college student to deliver the flyers to the local real estate offices. If it takes them 3 hours you could pay them $50 or so. With 18 vendors, one of the easiest things to do is give each vendor 20 copies and then you can assign each vendor an office to drop them off at. Easy peasy. Ultimately though, as TAS becomes more popular in your area you will be giving these out at your quarterly mastermind as well as through a combination of other strategies (whatever is easiest for you).

We discuss many of these strategies on our monthly call as well.

Who advertises for the quarterly event?
As far as advertising for the event, our local chapters will advertise the event to local agents (using low to no cost strategies) and we will assist with these efforts at corporate. We also encourage the Event Sponsors to market to their lists.

I teach a number of strategies for marketing the events locally on our monthly coaching calls and in the initial onboard training which is available in your Chapter President TAS Training Portal.

Who pays for event advertising?
I've been doing events around the country since 2009 and I've learned many low to no cost ways to market local real estate events, including having the local sponsors market to their lists and effectively using social media to market. As the events grow in your area, the cost of marketing the event will become nonexistent, as much of the marketing will be to former attendees, local offices, local agent email lists, vendor lists and marketing we are doing from corporate.

An event featuring some of the top agents in your area sharing their best ideas easily gains buzz among the real estate community. All of the events will post to our National Event Marketing account (presently via our Corporate Eventbrite Account) so that we can market the Top Agent Skills Mastermind Event nationwide and agents can find a local chapter where they can sign up for future events.

How are local agent invited to the events?
Again, we will be using a variety of marketing tactics to market Top Agent Skills nationally as well as in local markets. The best strategy for encouraging attendance is direct email invitations to local agents, Facebook marketing and a small handful of other strategies. 

All of the events will be marketed through our national Event Account and Local agents will sign up for the event there. We suggest a nominal door fee of $10 - $20. You can also make the event FREE if you wish, but we have found more success (with attendance commitment) when charging a nominal fee. We also teach local vendors how to market the event to their lists.

I can't afford the $297 right now... how can I get my sponsors first?

One of our hosts just signed up after getting his sponsors onboard FIRST! He just called them up! YES you can try and generate your sponsors first, however the sponsorship program (scripts, forms and training) are all inside the Training Portal where you can access them once you Enrolled in the program.

It's a bit tricky, because you have to tell sponsors that you are already a TAS Affiliate (Host) which you technically won't be until you enroll. Also, we can't have more than 1-2 in most areas (depending on the area size) and someone might register in the meantime.

We would love to have you on board – but we do not want this to be a burden on you either. I certainly understand you not having the funds right now, and I've definitely been exactly where you are. Keep thinking about and considering this opportunity. We would love to have you on board!

Please let us know HOW we can support you! We are here to help!

Here are links to a few of the videos that are in the Training Portal (which you can access once you register)

Getting Event Hosts (video): https://vimeo.com/237021278

Getting Preferred Directory Vendors on Board (video): https://vimeo.com/237020590

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